Partner 19: SPOTTERON GmbH

Partner description

SPOTTERON GmbH is an SME from Vienna Austria, EU with a long-time experience in designing and developing apps and tool-kits for research projects with public participation in data collection and community building. As a professional studio based in Vienna, Austria (EU), SPOTTERON‘s work has strong ties in applied visual design to create practical solutions, which also appeal to users and offer a high level of functionality alike.

The service-oriented team of SPOTTERON does not only create the apps, but they take also care of project support and app-updates. This ongoing maintenance is crucial when running interactive tools in a fast-changing mobile environment for a best-possible level of compatibility, stability and security for both the project itself and its users. As „digital natives“, SPOTTERON has high standards in terms of user privacy and the protection of personal data in all their works.

Over 40 Citizen Science projects, websites, digital tools, Citizen Science game apps and national Citizen Science portals are currently running on the platform and infrastructure of SPOTTERON. Project partners come from a wide range of fields from biodiversity monitoring to hydrology, from climate research to social sciences. Beside interactive Citizen Science apps, SPOTTERON’s area of work also extends to modern web-design, from responsive project websites and custom tool-kits for education, data analysis or GEO-location based visualization.

SPOTTERON’s data infrastructure provides a stable and up-to-date environment for running Citizen Science apps. SSL/TLS encrypts all sensitive data transfers. SPOTTERON’s runs own map-servers for privacy-oriented map tile data traffic, which also allow the download of map areas for offline use in the apps. Regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the SPOTTERON platform complies with the terms of the regulation.


Role in the project

SPOTTERON is responsible for the conception, design and development of the public Citizen Science app toolkit with extended features.

Persons involved

Team PhilippHummer SPOTTERON

Philipp Hummer

He is CEO and leader of the Design at SPOTTERON. He is a professional designer and founder of SPOTTERON GmbH, with over 18 years of experience in design, web-design, user interface design, media production, online media, visual design and team management.

 Team RainerHolzapfel SPOTTERON

DI Rainer Holzapfel  is CEO and leader of the Development at SPOTTERON. He is co-founder of SPOTTERON GmbH and leading the development of SPOTTERON since 2013. He has a master’s in software engineering and internet computing at the technical university TU Vienna, Austria.

 Team StefanNachtnebel SPOTTERON

DI Stefan Holzapfel 


 Team AgnesMilewski SPOTTERON

Agnès Milewski

Media Design, Community Management, Support

 Team DominikEssletzbichler SPOTTERON

Dominik Essletzbichler

Design, Content and Print