Partner description

Since 1997, Euroquality has been supporting technological and methodological innovations within all organizations active in the field of R&D (SMEs, industries, R&D centers...). Euroquality helps its clients to position themselves in the framework of innovative collaborative projects financed by the European Commission, for example in the framework of the Horizon Europe, PRIMA, LIFE and Erasmus+ programs. Euroquality's consultants - engineers, doctors and political experts in social science - have a strong experience in European projects and a high technological knowledge in various sectors.


Role in the project

EQY will support WU for the coordination. EQY will be in charge of the day-to-day management of MINAGRIS by providing supports and interactions directly with the different partners and stakeholders.

Persons involved.

17 Barthelemy Barthélémy Maillard - Head of the Environment Unit
Barthélémy is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes. He is positioned as an expert in analytical chemistry and environmental sciences. Barthélémy started his career at the MTM laboratory of the University of Örebo in 2010. He has been working at Euroquality since 2011 and is currently responsible for the Environment & Climate division. He has expertise in environmental management, environmental law and sustainable development.
17 Suzon Suzon Bedu- Head of the Agri-food unit
Suzon is an agronomy engineer with a specialization in environment, sustainable agriculture and management of territory projects. She has participated in many projects of sustainable development and circular and social economy in rural territories. Her skills also apply to the agricultural and agri-food industries, having participated in a study on the perception of sustainable development in the French poultry and pork industry. Suzon works on the setting up and management of innovative collaborative European projects, mainly on agri-food topics.
17 Arthur Arthur Le Berre. Arthur is an agricultural engineer with a specialization in crop protection, soil science and agroecological transition. He worked on numerous projects to study the impact of agricultural practices on soil quality and yields, as well as on numerous sustainable agriculture projects related to alternatives to conventional phytosanitary products. Arthur has also participated in surveys with farmers to analyze their perception of agroecology and their visions of European funding programs. He is involved in the setting up of innovative European projects related to crop protection.