Partner description

Novamont is an Italian industrial company whose roots lie in the Montedison School of Materials Science and which was set up to implement the ambitious project of some researchers from the chemical corporation: to integrate chemistry, agriculture and the environment. Founded in 1989, it is now a worldwide leader in the sector of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics and in the development of bioproducts. Novamont’s mission is to develop materials and biochemicals through the integration of chemistry and agriculture, by starting up biorefineries in the local areas and providing application solutions that ensure efficient use of resources throughout their entire life cycle, with advantages for the social, economic and environmental system. Its development model aims at building bridges between different sectors and creating new value by collaborating with all the stakeholders in the value chain: from agriculture to research, from industry to waste management, from local institutions to civil society. With more than 600 people, Novamont group posted sales of about €238 million in 2018 and made continuous investments in research and development activities: around 5% of its turnover, more than 20% of people (2018 consolidated financial statements). It has a portfolio of around 1,800 patents and patent applications. At EU level, NOVAMONT is a member of the BIC Consortium supporting the JTI Biobased Industry.

Role in the project

NVM will be involved in WP1 providing inputs for the creation of the High-level multi-actor networks on plastics in agriculture as well as in the involvement of stakeholders in the CSS which will be coordinated by NVM. Moreover, in WP3 NVMT will contribute to the Inventory of plastics use at national level and EU level, to the assessment of farmers needs and practices at those selected case study sites under NVMT coordination, as well as to the assessment of baseline scenario in the selected CSS. Moreover, within WP4 NVM will perform tests on the (e) microbial enzymatic activities in the location of the field experiments in Spain and Italy where biodegradable in soil mulch films are studied. Within WP5, NVM will participate assessing the effects on soils where bioplastics have been used and compare it with non- biodegradable plastics. Within WP7, NVM will contribute to the assessment of MP/NP on ecosystem services and overall sustainability analysis as well as in the development of recommendations to the regulatory framework for the use of plastics in agriculture.

Persons involved.

Luigi Capuzzi   Mr. Luigi. Capuzzi (M) has a Chemistry Degree of the University of Perugia. Mr. Capuzzi’s has been a researcher at Istituto Guido Donegani, and Isagro. He has been responsible of R&D of Sipcam-Oxon group working in formulation, Quality Control, synthesis of pesticides and fine chemicals, green chemistry, biofuels, and Intellectual Property management. His current activities and competences for the project refer to his actual responsibility as NOVAMONT’s R&D Director.
 Cecilia Giardi  Mrs. Cecilia Giardi (F) has a Chemistry Degree of the University of Pisa. Mrs. Giardi is Group Program Funding Manager within NOVAMONT’s Division “Strategic Projects and Corporate Communication”. She has deep experience in coordinating large national as well as international projects, involving both research and industrial partners. She has been particularly responsible for the management tasks of the REBIOFOAM project as well as of the BIO-QED project. Moreover, she managed the FIRST2RUN project funded by H2020-BBI-PPP “Flagship demonstration of an integrated biorefinery for dry crops sustainable exploitation towards bio-based materials production”.
 Francesco Razza  Mr. Francesco Razza (M) has a PhD in Environmental Science. Mr Razza has more than ten years of experience in: Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and environmental sustainability assessment of plastic products, biorefineries and waste treatment; Eco-design; environmental product certifications (e.g. EPD, PEF etc.); environmental management (ISO 14001 and EMAS); techno-economic assessments and CBA; corporate footprint assessments and CSR practices; relevant LCA software knowledge (SimaPro, GaBi, Easewaste and Gemi). He is currently responsible for Sustainability of Novamont group.
 Sara Guerrini  Mrs. Sara Guerrini (F) has an Agricultural Sciences Degree and Master in Agricultural system Sustainability (University of Bologna). Currently Agricultural Public Affairs specialist with focus on technical and marketing development of biobased materials for the agriculture sector and implementation activities in standardization. She has over 15 years’ experience in field applications and optimization of biodegradable materials for agricultural uses. Areas of expertise: agricultural practices and biodegradable materials, crops for biorefineries, agricultural legislation and marketing.