Partner description

DTU is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe. DTU Management Engineering is one of the largest university departments in Europe specialising in competitiveness, productivity, quantitative sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship and has around 300 international employees, hereof 85 PhD students. The Quantitative Sustainability Assessment (QSA) group develops science-based methods and tools for decision support within environmental sustainability and has extensive experience in all aspects of chemicals in the environment and their impacts on ecosystems. QSA obtains funding from authorities, industry and research funds and have coordinated and participated in many EU FP6/FP7 and other international projects.


Involved personnel

13 Peter Fantke 

Prof. Dr. Peter Fantke – Task leader – He is professor for quantitative sustainability assessment with focus on assessing life cycle fate, exposure, and effects of chemicals, and director of the USEtox International Centre for characterizing human toxicity and ecotoxicity impacts of chemical emissions in comparative assessments. He has published >100 scientific articles (h-index: 31) and coordinates global task forces on quantifying emissions of pesticides and addressing impacts from exposure to toxic chemicals and fine particulate matter.