Sampling CollageSoil sampling for plastic analysis has now begun across our 11 Europe-wide case study sites. This stage of the project took a good deal of planning to ensure that we have minimised the risk of our samples being contaminated with plastic particles shed from our equipment. For example, our microplastic samples are being collected in alternatives to the usual plastic sampling pots; instead, we are collecting them in paper bags, often lined with foil.

We are sampling for macro-, micro- and nano-plastics in fields across our sites. These samples are then being carefully packaged to avoid plastic contamination before being sent to different labs for specialist analysis of their soil type, plastic content and microbiomes.

For further information on our sampling protocol, please don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We hope to have sampling completed by October, when we will begin our analysis. In the meantime, enjoy our stream of photos from our sampling campaign!

Micro  and nano Plastics in agricultural soils (4)

The MINAGRIS consortia is pleased to present a detailed plan of the experiments that will be undertaken as part of the project, at experimental scales of increasing complexity (from microcosms to field). These experiments will help us to determine the potential effects of microplastics on the soil biota, either alone or in combination with other common organic pollutants of agricultural soils, on the soil biota (across trophic levels in the soil food web), identify the underlying mechanisms driving these effects and examine its reciprocal consequences on agricultural productivity. This experimental plan could be used as a guide and benchmark for future assessment of the potential effects of novel plastic products on the soil biota under a revised regulatory framework.


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Our very own Esperanza Huerta Lwanga presented in a recent webinar on the effects of #microplastics on human #health!

Watch it here:

The webinar covers:
- What microplastics are and why we should care. 
- Effects of Microplastics on Human Health
- How to mitigate and control the negative effects on microplastics on our personal #health & #environment.


We were very pleased to share an overview of the MINAGRIS project at the recent World Congress of Soil Science, with an audience of around 300. The presentation was given by Dr Charlotte Chivers, who is part of our dissemination and exploitation team. Download the slides here

Screenshot 2022 02 16 082253A new publication in Agricultural Systems, including several authors from the MINAGRIS team, has found that there is high contamination of microplastics, and there are different sources and concentrations which vary according to the type of land- management. It is, therefore, important to understand the different processes which take place in microplastics dispersion in the agricultural systems.